Why Internships Matter!

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If you’re reaching the brink of senior year or just looking to get a start on your career then an internship is a must for most students. It is a grueling process to track one down and your first step into the real world for most. While some students may think that internships are just a waste of time, they can also be really beneficial in the long run if you give it a chance. Here are some reasons why!

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The first and possibly most important reason why internships are important is for the experience value that it brings to students. In most internships you will get hands on training for the career path that you want to pursue. At first it may seem like a daunting task but by completing your internship you will be miles ahead of most students that have not yet had that experience.

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If you’re in college than chances are that you’ve heard of networking. Networking is not only essential to meeting new people but it can also help you land a future job. By meeting new people at your internship and impressing your coworkers and supervisor, you have a chance to make new connections that you can use for your future endeavors. Sometimes if you impress enough you have the chance to even land a job at your site which can save you a lot of time for later.

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Grow as a Person
There are a lot of skills that they don’t teach you in college that are going to be helpful for you once you hit the real world. Time management, organizational skills, leadership, and teamwork are just some of the things that you can learn during your internship. You will finally have to learn how to be on time or there will be penalties and there’s no time for playing around. It can really help to shape you as a person and help you grow as well (not only professionally).

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Social Skills
Even if you are the most social person that you know inside of your friends group, with the internship your social skills will continue to grow. You will be thrown into an environment with a very diverse group of people that you may not normally associate yourself with in your everyday life. You grow to understand others and expand your social skills by doing so!

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Perhaps the most important reason to have an internship is because of YOUR FUTURE. Besides everything described above, by completing an internship you’re already on your way to being at the top of the application list. Managers look for these experiences because it lets them know that you have what it takes to be a part of the team based on your past experience. There is a very high chance that those with an internship will definitely get the job before those that don’t. So if all else fails, remember that an internship is your foot in the door and the key to getting a jump start on your future

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If you are completing an internship this semester then congratulations and if you are starting one in the following semester then good luck! Remember it’s more than just for school credit….it’s for building your resume, expanding your career options, and shaping you! Good luck!

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If you’re looking for an internship be sure to check out these sites:

Dress for Success Part 2: College “Gal” Edition

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Like most students in college, there is a chance that you will need a part time job, internship, or that big job after you graduate. For those of you that have never had a job before it may be hard to really decide how to present yourself in a professional and presentable manner. In this second blog post MyU College Threads is here to show the ladies how to dress accordingly when going to a job interview (We’ve also added some cheaper options with pictures in case you’re interested!) .

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Top –
Any top that is professional looking and not too outrageous is great for a job interview. Women have a lot more options when it comes to picking a top so that is a good thing. The standard blouse is a go to but a nice button up will also be suitable as well. The key to picking the right top is to make sure it blends with the rest of the outfit and doesn’t take the attention off of the person (YOU!). Modesty is important so keep that in mind! Be sure to not wear anything strapless or with spaghetti straps.

Metaphor Women's Button-Front Blouse

Metaphor Women’s Blouse

Pants/Skirt –
The general consensus is that pants or pant suits are the way to go for an interview. Dresses and skirts are sometimes okay but the solid choice is pants. For the pants you should go with a gray, black, navy blue, something that is neutral and darker. It’s important to match with the rest of your outfit, especially if you decide to wear a jacket over your top. If you do decide to wear a skirt, make sure it’s not a short skirt or something that fits extremely tight as that seems unprofessional to some career paths.

product photo

Old Navy Mid-Rise Slim Fare Trousers

High heels that aren’t necessarily too high and pumps with a closed toe are perfect for a job interview. You’re going to want to avoid sneakers or any heels that are super high or “chunky”. Flats may also be a viable option but we recommend the heels look, as it looks professional for the interview.

Fioni Lively Low Heel
As with the men, a jacket is optional. It does give a nice presentable look and can also complete the outfit you are wearing but it is not necessary. If you do decide to go with the jacket option just make sure it blends in well and fits with the shirt/pants/skirt that you are wearing. You don’t want to look like a rainbow of color when you go into the interview.

H&M Ladies Fitted Jacket

Accessories are key to any woman’s wardrobe but going to an interview it’s important that you know what is acceptable and what is not. In the realm of jewelry you are going to want to avoid anything that attracts unwanted attention or noise. Leave that huge gaudy club necklace at home and settle for something sophisticated. Piercings are okay but they should only be in the ears and once again not be too distracting. Make up is a plus as long as it’s not too overdone and your nails should be manicured with a neutral color.

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Well that’s part two of the Dress for Success blog! We hope that we helped you ladies out with some of our style tips. Remember to always do some research before going into an interview to make sure that you know how the company environment is and that you are dressed appropriately for it. These aren’t words or styles to live by but simply just some suggestions! Good luck out there!

Dress for Success Part 1: College “Guy” Edition

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Dress For Success Part 1: College “Guy” Edition

Like most students in college, there is a chance that you will need a part time job, internship, or that big job after you graduate. For those of you that have never had a job before it may be hard to really decide how to present yourself in a professional and presentable manner. In this first blog post MyU College Threads is here to show the fellas how to dress accordingly when going to a job interview. (We’ve also added some cheaper options with pictures in case you’re interested!)

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Generally you should go for a darker or neutral color pair of slacks when it comes to an interview. Something too bright is going to attract unwanted attention and may make you look unprofessional. Dark greys, blacks, and blues are what we would recommend but a nice pair of khakis or lighter grey slacks can work depending on the situation.

JcPenney Stafford Slacks


Shirts are also something that you want to keep neutral for the most part when you go into an interview. Try to pick something that will blend in well with your pants but isn’t going to be an eyesore to look at during the interview process. You also want to make sure the shirt is pressed and long sleeved (unless the work environment calls for otherwise). Make sure the shirt isn’t too tight or too loose so you can present yourself in the best possible way.

H&M Dress Shirt


Your shoes are the final product of the outfit. Depending on the job, your shoe style will change but the go to choice is a nice pair of black dress shoes. If you have dress shoes that are in a different color, make sure that they go along with the outfit that you are wearing. Color coordination is key in most situations. There are also dress boots that can be worn that also look great when going to job interviews. Just make sure that your shoes are polished, not scuffed, and look presentable.

Faux Leather Oxfords

Forever 21 Men’s Dress Shoes


Ties are not necessary when going to a job interview always but they do leave a nice impression. When deciding on a tie you want to make sure that the style, designs, and colors go with the pants and shirt that you are wearing. You don’t want to wear a pink and orange tie if you are wearing a light blue shirt and black pants. It’s too many colors and doesn’t really blend together. A skinny tie is a great look outside of the job interview but for this first meeting you should look for something neutral and regular sized. The type of knot doesn’t matter (we recommend a Windsor) but make sure it’s not out of the ordinary or something that makes you look sloppy.

Black men\'s ties<br />Formal black necktie

Cheap Neck Ties Formal


The question of the suit jacket is something to consider. Depending on the situation, type of environment and if you have access to a suit jacket, it’s not a bad choice. The problem is that you have to blend the suit jacket in with the rest of the outfit or it will not work. If you’re wearing grey pants with black pinstripes and decide to wear a navy blue suit jacket, it’s just not going to work. It’s important to consider if you will be overdressing for the interview by wearing a suit jacket. If you feel like it’s the right environment, have the right fit, and it goes along with your outfit then it may be a necessity to have.

Men's Croft & Barrow® Essential Classic-Fit Sport Coat

Kohl’s Croft and Barrel Sports Coat


You’re definitely going to have to lose any piercings that you may have before you go into the job interview. You want to look as professional as possible and piercings do not give that impression to MOST employers (of course there are exceptions). You should also be sure to hide any tattoos that you have upon the first meeting. A nice watch and maybe a ring should be the only accessories that you wear while going into a job interview.

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Well that’s part one of the Dress for Success blog! We hope that we helped you guys out with some of our style tips. Remember to always do some research before going into an interview to make sure that you know how the company environment is and that you are dressed appropriately for it. These aren’t words or styles to live by but simply just some suggestions! Good luck out there and be sure to check out our blog next week for the College “Gal” edition!

Halloween Costumes for the College Budget

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With Halloween less than two weeks away, time is running out to get your “night changing” Halloween costume. If you’re like most college students, money can get a little tight so here’s some cheaper ideas that could set you in the right direction!

1. The “Men In Black”

If you happen to have a black suit and tie then you’re in luck. All you really need to do is throw on a pair of black shades and you’re set. For an extra ounce of flavor to the costume you can add on a Nerf gun or Super Soaker to look even more unique. The best part is that this costume is gender neutral and you’ll look super classy.

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2. The “Ghostbuster”

For this costume you’ll need your back pack, the hose from a vacuum, a khaki shirt, and khaki pants. The clothing items can be easily retrieved from a local goodwill if you don’t own them yourself and are easy to throw together. You can add your own flair to the costume with accessories such as goggles, glasses, and/or gloves. Gather up some friends and make the whole team!

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3. The “Gym Rat”
This is a very good, unique costume idea that won’t take much effort at all. To become the “gym rat” you’ll only need a pair of mouse ears, a headband, a tail of some sorts (which could really be anything to get your point across), and then your own pair of workout clothes. It’s a simple and great costume idea to stand out from the rest. For an extra touch add some whiskers and nose!

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4. The “EDM DJ”
This is another simple idea that can be done using minimal items. You’ll only need a V-neck or tank top, big framed sunglasses, jeans, and a pair of headphones (think Beats style). Style your hair over the top and you have the perfect costume to look like your about to drop the next big hit at Ultra.

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5. The “Anything that you want to tell people you are”
This may be the easiest item on the list to pull off and it gives you full control of your creativity. Some people just really don’t have much money to put into buying a full costume themselves so what better way to accomplish a cool one than just putting a bunch of things together to make it work! Over this semester I’m sure you have all received random things that can be thrown together to create a unique outfit. You can either go for a direct look idea or just simply tell people you’re “whatever you want me to be”. I see it as the artistic approach to making a Halloween costume.

Do you have any cheap costume ideas to share? Let us know below!

Hope you enjoyed the list! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and a great time to get out there and have fun. Let your fashion senses fly and remember to stay safe!

Happy Halloween!

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Gone Greek

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For most, college should be an experience of a life time. You’re finally free from your parents and get to live independently making your own decisions. It’s the first step into living your actual adult life and along with that comes a lot of big decisions. One of those decisions that I had to make was to “Go Greek” or not.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever think I would become a part of the Greek system. Fraternities and sororities seem to always get a bad rep of being “an expensive way to get friends you’ll never talk to again”. I found out that this statement was very false and there’s more to the Greek system than that. While I did not stay inside of it my entire college career I did get to enjoy a year and a half of what it was all about. Perhaps my experience will help you decide if it’s right for you or not.

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For starters, Greek life isn’t all about partying. There is a lot more to joining a fraternity or sorority than just partying your life away. They are involved in a lot of charity and community work that can do a lot for the neighborhoods around campus. They are also very involved in campus life and participating in events to help the college. So yes, while there is a bit of partying that goes on during this experience there is more to it than meets the eye.

As for “paying for friends”, let’s be completely honest here. You are not going to like every single person that is in your fraternity or sorority (just like in high school) especially if it is a larger one. People are going to butt heads, you won’t have the same personalities, and chances are you will not agree on every single little thing. Another truth is that I don’t talk to half of the people I was in the Greek system with. We either lost touch along the way or we just weren’t that great of friends to begin with. Either way, you will meet a lot of great people along the way that you will become life-long friends with and that will have your back no matter what. It’s a great way to find your best friend in college and beyond.

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Finally we can talk about the whole price of Greek life. Yes, it is true that joining the Greek system can be kind of pricey. Sometimes it feels like you are paying for a title but there is much more to it than that. I see the whole payment thing as paying for an experience. You get a great experience out of it, charitable work, and other perks that look good on a resume. You gain some new friends along the way and get to really have a big in depth college experience if that is what you are looking for. Finally you get free T-Shirts….who can say no to that?!

In conclusion, joining the Greek system is up to you. As I stated above, I lived both sides of the college life and enjoyed them both. The Greek life was a great experience to have (even for a short while) and I recommend it to anybody that just wants to have a full college experience. On the other spectrum of things I also enjoyed not being in the Greek system and kind of living that independent college life. They both have their pros and cons but that’s up to you to decide. The most important part of the college experience is making it a memorable one. How you choose to do that is your choice!

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Why You NEED To VOTE This Year!

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This presidential year is huge and has garnered a lot of attention for several reasons. Both parties seem to be conflicted on most points and the candidates have both come under a lot of fire for things they have said in the past and the present. During this time, even if you don’t agree with either side, it’s important that you get out to the polls and “Rock the Vote” (sorry to be cliché).

For 18 years of your life you have sat back and not had any chance to voice your opinion or make a decision that could impact this country and possibly your life. While you may think that one vote may not have any impact in this election, you would be wrong. This may not seem to take the cake but it’s almost as important as you turning 21!

The country seems to be more divided than ever when it comes to issues and regardless what side you stand on you should make your voice be heard. This election is not only about who is going to run for President but it also gives you a chance to vote for who runs congress. It’s important that you do some research on both candidates, their stances, and how our country may be impacted by them before you make decision.

Regardless of which side you stand on just remember to get out to those polls and let your opinion be known. We’re shaping the future of America, our families, and most important our futures!

Highway To The……STUDY ZONE

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For most college students, finding the right way to study is a constant struggle. There are so many other things going on within campus that you sometimes lose focus of why you’re really in school. We here at MyU are here to analyze the hot spots to study, their pros and cons, and hopefully help you determine what will work best for you!

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The Park
– Nature is beautiful
– Peaceful, serene setting
– Breath of fresh air
– Perfect for that Biology class or Art class
– Trees provide the perfect shade
– Did somebody say hammock?

– Wildlife can be loud, distracting, and possibly scary (Bees anyone?)
– Frisbees, baseballs, any kinds of sports can be damaging to the focus
– The smells of the wild
– Children in the park
– Allergies are dangerous
– If you live in the south, the heat is a definite distraction

The Lib aka LIBRARY
– You have no choice but to be quiet in the library
– Free Wi-Fi usually
– Supplies are usually around
– “Quiet” rooms and spaces to get your complete focus
– Books are at your complete disposal
– References galore

– It can be a super depressing place
– Stress can build up in such an environment
– The lack of socialization could be hazardous
– Crushing internet speeds and connectivity issues
– Others can be a distraction (especially if you know them)

The Dorm Room
– A relaxed space that you’re comfortable with
– Food is easily accessible
– No rules or regulations
– You usually have control of your surroundings and distractions
– Comfortable couches and beds make for a lovely study experience
– You don’t even have to travel anywhere!

– That episode of “The Bachelor” or “The Walking Dead” that you missed last night
– Naps, the silent killer
– Daydreaming because you can
– Doing everything else you have to do at home besides study

Image result for study

Well these were just three of the top places we have chosen as good study spots. As you can see they each have their pros and their cons but MyU thinks they can all be successful. Regardless of your decision, go out there and study hard!

What’s your favorite place to study?

Get Your College Game Day Fashion On!

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With college football now in full swing, we here at My College Threads want to make sure you are looking your best in preparation for the big game. Having school spirit, being comfortable, and most of all looking great is important for any college game day occasion. We have scoped out some of the latest trends on college campuses in order to set you on the right direction of what to wear when it comes to college game day.

Sundresses: These are a great fashion must have for any college game day collection. They come in various colors and can be paired with pretty much anything. It’s a go to because it’s comfortable and easily accessible to anybody. A spot to find these is Twelve Saturdays.

Image result for college game day sundress
School themed products: Nothing says school spirit like representing your school’s name and mascot on your apparel. It’s one of the most recognized fashion trends when it comes to game day and you can never go wrong with it. The best part is that major fashion stores have started to create college themed clothing for their brand. American Eagle, PINK, and of course My College Threads are just some examples of where you can pick up some of the coolest college game day apparel.

Polos: For both guys and girls alike, polo’s are another college game day staple. They are simple, come in various colors, and can be very light and comfortable if chosen properly. The Nike Dri-Fit polo collection is a great example of this. UnderArmour also specializes in a light feeling, durable version of the classic polo. It makes cheering for your favorite team that much more comfortable.

Image result for college polo

Button up shirts: Another great game day fashion idea for the guys is the classic button up shirt. This is particularly a staple for the fraternity crowd but can be used by all. Finding the right one that is not only comfortable but represents your school colors is a great option for college game day. Ralph Lauren Polo is our recommended choice of where to purchase the perfect college game day button up because of their comfort and color options!

Image result for white polo button up

Accessories: Something that sometimes gets overlooked but is great for game day would be the accessories. Finding jewelry that relates to your school is a great first place to start. Hats and sunglasses are also a great place to look at. “Dad hats” are really in this year and come in various colors with your chosen teams on them and would make for the perfect final touch to your college game day outfit. Lids has a great selection of these products!

Image result for college gameday jewelry

Here are some websites for a few more ideas:

Remember the most important part of college game day fashion is to be comfortable and to represent your school in the best way you can!
So tell us….what’s your favorite game day fashion?

Tail Gating 101

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Ah, tailgating. Another college past time that comes along with the college football season. It’s a long time honored tradition and perfect way to get hyped up for the game. Massive amounts of food will be consumed, games will be played, parties will be had, and new friends will most likely be made. Tailgating can be one of the best highlights of your college experience but you want to make sure to do it right!
In order to ensure you master the tailgating experience, I’ve come up with some do’s and don’ts to ensure you become the TAIL GATE PRO.

1. Become a Grill Master. Grilling is a super important part of tailgating so it’s also super important that you learn how to master it. Nobody wants burnt hot dogs, burgers, or steaks. You must perfect the skill of the grill to ensure that your friends, guests, and party stays happy. Apron and chef hat sold separately.


2. Excel at Corn Hole. Tossing a bean bag into a hole on a wooden pallet might sound like its easy work but you’d be mistaken. If you want to take your tailgating mastery up a level and impress everyone, it’s important that you conquer this game. Practice makes perfect when it comes to corn hole. Overthrow and you’ll miss the target. Under throw and you won’t even make it to the wood. The key to excelling is focus, practice, and that determination to win. You got this champ!

3. Picking the right playlist. An important part of any party (specifically tailgating in this situation) is picking the right playlist for the mood. It’s a time to get excited and hyped up for the game so you want to make sure your music matches the mood. I recommend EDM, Hip-hop, and maybe some throwback tracks to amp up the mood for the game. Anything that people can resonate with and dance to will also make the mood more excitable. You can even throw in your school’s song just to get everybody in game mode. Just make sure to leave your Celine Dion album at home.


4. Be a good Fanatic. Nobody likes a sore loser. You want to go to the tailgate decked out in your full gear but also be respectful to those other fans around you. It’s a rare occasion at your school’s tailgate that other teams fans will be around you but if they are it’s important to respect them. It’s also important that you represent your team in the best way possible. After all you guys are the best right? Cheer them on and act like it!

1. Get there late. Tailgating is supposed to be fun and exciting so why miss out on the event by being late? It’s also important to arrive there early because spots get taken and you’ll be stuck wandering around trying to find a place to set up your tailgate. If all else fails and you have a prior engagement, ask a fellow friend who will be joining you to set up shop. Friends don’t let friends tailgate late.


2. Leave your area a mess. Trash is bound to pile up during a tailgate, especially if there’s a lot of people. If it’s going to be a hard task to pick up after yourself after or while the tailgate goes along you should designate a person to clean up afterwards. The harshest thing you can do is leave a big pile of trash where you tailgated for somebody else to clean up or to dirty your school grounds. Respect the tailgate area like you respect the team!

3. Overdo the tailgating experience. Whether it be food, alcohol, dancing, or just having a bit too much fun at the tailgating experience it’s important not to overdo it. Chances are you have about a two hour game (or more) ahead of you so you don’t want to overexert yourself before the game starts. Pace out your tailgating experience so you can see your team pick up the victory!


Remember the most important part of mastering the tailgating experience is to go out there, have fun, and most importantly be safe!

Happy Tailgating Everybody!

Tips for getting the best deals on Summer Concert tickets

With summer in full swing there are still many opportunities for you to enjoy a summer concert without necessarily breaking the bank. If you are like me or most college students, then you are always looking to save money but still go out and have fun. Sometimes it seems almost impossible as a college student to be able to do cool things like go to a concert or an amusement park because tickets are ridiculously expensive. As a student I’ve looked at many sites that gives students like you and me tips to do the things you want while also being savvy with the money that you have.

So here are a few quick tips I’ve been given along the way that may help you.

Buy direct from the box office to avoid service fees. Have you ever found a great deal on something and then when you are ready to checkout you have an extra couple dollars added on thanks to “service fees”.  Yeah it no longer feels like a good deal when you have to pay extra just to purchase from that site. However, you can avoid these fees by buying your tickets direct from the box office and save those couple of extra bucks for a cool souvenir.

Buy tickets from real people. I know sometimes it may be hard to trust purchasing a ticket from someone rather than just buying direct from the box office but there are many sites that offer resale tickets that you can feel secure buying. In particular I would recommend Ticketmaster, StubHub, or Vivid Seats. These three offer the lowest resale tickets available and some even come with deals such as parking passes.

Sign up for websites that will notify you when ticket prices drop. In the past I’ve heard of using this tool for airline tickets but before now I had no idea that there were sites that offer you the same for concert or sports event tickets. This a great tool if you are flexible and willing to wait around to buy your tickets.

                                                                                     concert blog pic

Buy tickets the day before or day of the event. Now this may be your last option however if you are willing to risk the concert potentially being sold out then this could work for you. Often time’s re-sellers or maybe tickets holders that had a change of plans are desperate to get rid of their tickets at this point and you may be able to get a really good deal because of it. Like I said it is a risk and there is no guarantee that tickets will still be available but it doesn’t hurt to try if it is a last minute kind of plan.


Hopefully with these tips you will be able to grab some tickets before the summer ends. These are a few I’m looking forward to and maybe if they are in your city you can grab some tickets to see them too.

  • Beyoncé (The Formation Tour)  4/27- 10/2
  • Vans Warped Tour 6/24-8/13
  • Drake (Summer Sixteen Tour) 7/20-10/8
  • Justin Beiber (Purpose Tour) 3/9-7/19
  • Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato (Honda Civic Tour: Future Now) 6/24-9/17
  • Meghan Trainor (The Untouchable Tour) 7/14-9/24
  • Blink- 182 7/22- 10/21
  • Gwen Stefani (This Is What the Truth Feels Like Tour) 7/12- 10/15
  • G-Eazy & Logic (The Endless Summer Tour) 6/28- 8/5
  • Maroon 5 7/15- 12/31