Dress for Success Part 1: College “Guy” Edition

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Dress For Success Part 1: College “Guy” Edition

Like most students in college, there is a chance that you will need a part time job, internship, or that big job after you graduate. For those of you that have never had a job before it may be hard to really decide how to present yourself in a professional and presentable manner. In this first blog post MyU College Threads is here to show the fellas how to dress accordingly when going to a job interview. (We’ve also added some cheaper options with pictures in case you’re interested!)

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Generally you should go for a darker or neutral color pair of slacks when it comes to an interview. Something too bright is going to attract unwanted attention and may make you look unprofessional. Dark greys, blacks, and blues are what we would recommend but a nice pair of khakis or lighter grey slacks can work depending on the situation.

JcPenney Stafford Slacks


Shirts are also something that you want to keep neutral for the most part when you go into an interview. Try to pick something that will blend in well with your pants but isn’t going to be an eyesore to look at during the interview process. You also want to make sure the shirt is pressed and long sleeved (unless the work environment calls for otherwise). Make sure the shirt isn’t too tight or too loose so you can present yourself in the best possible way.

H&M Dress Shirt


Your shoes are the final product of the outfit. Depending on the job, your shoe style will change but the go to choice is a nice pair of black dress shoes. If you have dress shoes that are in a different color, make sure that they go along with the outfit that you are wearing. Color coordination is key in most situations. There are also dress boots that can be worn that also look great when going to job interviews. Just make sure that your shoes are polished, not scuffed, and look presentable.

Faux Leather Oxfords

Forever 21 Men’s Dress Shoes


Ties are not necessary when going to a job interview always but they do leave a nice impression. When deciding on a tie you want to make sure that the style, designs, and colors go with the pants and shirt that you are wearing. You don’t want to wear a pink and orange tie if you are wearing a light blue shirt and black pants. It’s too many colors and doesn’t really blend together. A skinny tie is a great look outside of the job interview but for this first meeting you should look for something neutral and regular sized. The type of knot doesn’t matter (we recommend a Windsor) but make sure it’s not out of the ordinary or something that makes you look sloppy.

Black men\'s ties<br />Formal black necktie

Cheap Neck Ties Formal


The question of the suit jacket is something to consider. Depending on the situation, type of environment and if you have access to a suit jacket, it’s not a bad choice. The problem is that you have to blend the suit jacket in with the rest of the outfit or it will not work. If you’re wearing grey pants with black pinstripes and decide to wear a navy blue suit jacket, it’s just not going to work. It’s important to consider if you will be overdressing for the interview by wearing a suit jacket. If you feel like it’s the right environment, have the right fit, and it goes along with your outfit then it may be a necessity to have.

Men's Croft & Barrow® Essential Classic-Fit Sport Coat

Kohl’s Croft and Barrel Sports Coat


You’re definitely going to have to lose any piercings that you may have before you go into the job interview. You want to look as professional as possible and piercings do not give that impression to MOST employers (of course there are exceptions). You should also be sure to hide any tattoos that you have upon the first meeting. A nice watch and maybe a ring should be the only accessories that you wear while going into a job interview.

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Well that’s part one of the Dress for Success blog! We hope that we helped you guys out with some of our style tips. Remember to always do some research before going into an interview to make sure that you know how the company environment is and that you are dressed appropriately for it. These aren’t words or styles to live by but simply just some suggestions! Good luck out there and be sure to check out our blog next week for the College “Gal” edition!

Halloween Costumes for the College Budget

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With Halloween less than two weeks away, time is running out to get your “night changing” Halloween costume. If you’re like most college students, money can get a little tight so here’s some cheaper ideas that could set you in the right direction!

1. The “Men In Black”

If you happen to have a black suit and tie then you’re in luck. All you really need to do is throw on a pair of black shades and you’re set. For an extra ounce of flavor to the costume you can add on a Nerf gun or Super Soaker to look even more unique. The best part is that this costume is gender neutral and you’ll look super classy.

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2. The “Ghostbuster”

For this costume you’ll need your back pack, the hose from a vacuum, a khaki shirt, and khaki pants. The clothing items can be easily retrieved from a local goodwill if you don’t own them yourself and are easy to throw together. You can add your own flair to the costume with accessories such as goggles, glasses, and/or gloves. Gather up some friends and make the whole team!

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3. The “Gym Rat”
This is a very good, unique costume idea that won’t take much effort at all. To become the “gym rat” you’ll only need a pair of mouse ears, a headband, a tail of some sorts (which could really be anything to get your point across), and then your own pair of workout clothes. It’s a simple and great costume idea to stand out from the rest. For an extra touch add some whiskers and nose!

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4. The “EDM DJ”
This is another simple idea that can be done using minimal items. You’ll only need a V-neck or tank top, big framed sunglasses, jeans, and a pair of headphones (think Beats style). Style your hair over the top and you have the perfect costume to look like your about to drop the next big hit at Ultra.

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5. The “Anything that you want to tell people you are”
This may be the easiest item on the list to pull off and it gives you full control of your creativity. Some people just really don’t have much money to put into buying a full costume themselves so what better way to accomplish a cool one than just putting a bunch of things together to make it work! Over this semester I’m sure you have all received random things that can be thrown together to create a unique outfit. You can either go for a direct look idea or just simply tell people you’re “whatever you want me to be”. I see it as the artistic approach to making a Halloween costume.

Do you have any cheap costume ideas to share? Let us know below!

Hope you enjoyed the list! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and a great time to get out there and have fun. Let your fashion senses fly and remember to stay safe!

Happy Halloween!

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Gone Greek

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For most, college should be an experience of a life time. You’re finally free from your parents and get to live independently making your own decisions. It’s the first step into living your actual adult life and along with that comes a lot of big decisions. One of those decisions that I had to make was to “Go Greek” or not.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever think I would become a part of the Greek system. Fraternities and sororities seem to always get a bad rep of being “an expensive way to get friends you’ll never talk to again”. I found out that this statement was very false and there’s more to the Greek system than that. While I did not stay inside of it my entire college career I did get to enjoy a year and a half of what it was all about. Perhaps my experience will help you decide if it’s right for you or not.

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For starters, Greek life isn’t all about partying. There is a lot more to joining a fraternity or sorority than just partying your life away. They are involved in a lot of charity and community work that can do a lot for the neighborhoods around campus. They are also very involved in campus life and participating in events to help the college. So yes, while there is a bit of partying that goes on during this experience there is more to it than meets the eye.

As for “paying for friends”, let’s be completely honest here. You are not going to like every single person that is in your fraternity or sorority (just like in high school) especially if it is a larger one. People are going to butt heads, you won’t have the same personalities, and chances are you will not agree on every single little thing. Another truth is that I don’t talk to half of the people I was in the Greek system with. We either lost touch along the way or we just weren’t that great of friends to begin with. Either way, you will meet a lot of great people along the way that you will become life-long friends with and that will have your back no matter what. It’s a great way to find your best friend in college and beyond.

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Finally we can talk about the whole price of Greek life. Yes, it is true that joining the Greek system can be kind of pricey. Sometimes it feels like you are paying for a title but there is much more to it than that. I see the whole payment thing as paying for an experience. You get a great experience out of it, charitable work, and other perks that look good on a resume. You gain some new friends along the way and get to really have a big in depth college experience if that is what you are looking for. Finally you get free T-Shirts….who can say no to that?!

In conclusion, joining the Greek system is up to you. As I stated above, I lived both sides of the college life and enjoyed them both. The Greek life was a great experience to have (even for a short while) and I recommend it to anybody that just wants to have a full college experience. On the other spectrum of things I also enjoyed not being in the Greek system and kind of living that independent college life. They both have their pros and cons but that’s up to you to decide. The most important part of the college experience is making it a memorable one. How you choose to do that is your choice!

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Why You NEED To VOTE This Year!

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This presidential year is huge and has garnered a lot of attention for several reasons. Both parties seem to be conflicted on most points and the candidates have both come under a lot of fire for things they have said in the past and the present. During this time, even if you don’t agree with either side, it’s important that you get out to the polls and “Rock the Vote” (sorry to be cliché).

For 18 years of your life you have sat back and not had any chance to voice your opinion or make a decision that could impact this country and possibly your life. While you may think that one vote may not have any impact in this election, you would be wrong. This may not seem to take the cake but it’s almost as important as you turning 21!

The country seems to be more divided than ever when it comes to issues and regardless what side you stand on you should make your voice be heard. This election is not only about who is going to run for President but it also gives you a chance to vote for who runs congress. It’s important that you do some research on both candidates, their stances, and how our country may be impacted by them before you make decision.

Regardless of which side you stand on just remember to get out to those polls and let your opinion be known. We’re shaping the future of America, our families, and most important our futures!