Why Internships Matter!

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If you’re reaching the brink of senior year or just looking to get a start on your career then an internship is a must for most students. It is a grueling process to track one down and your first step into the real world for most. While some students may think that internships are just a waste of time, they can also be really beneficial in the long run if you give it a chance. Here are some reasons why!

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The first and possibly most important reason why internships are important is for the experience value that it brings to students. In most internships you will get hands on training for the career path that you want to pursue. At first it may seem like a daunting task but by completing your internship you will be miles ahead of most students that have not yet had that experience.

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If you’re in college than chances are that you’ve heard of networking. Networking is not only essential to meeting new people but it can also help you land a future job. By meeting new people at your internship and impressing your coworkers and supervisor, you have a chance to make new connections that you can use for your future endeavors. Sometimes if you impress enough you have the chance to even land a job at your site which can save you a lot of time for later.

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Grow as a Person
There are a lot of skills that they don’t teach you in college that are going to be helpful for you once you hit the real world. Time management, organizational skills, leadership, and teamwork are just some of the things that you can learn during your internship. You will finally have to learn how to be on time or there will be penalties and there’s no time for playing around. It can really help to shape you as a person and help you grow as well (not only professionally).

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Social Skills
Even if you are the most social person that you know inside of your friends group, with the internship your social skills will continue to grow. You will be thrown into an environment with a very diverse group of people that you may not normally associate yourself with in your everyday life. You grow to understand others and expand your social skills by doing so!

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Perhaps the most important reason to have an internship is because of YOUR FUTURE. Besides everything described above, by completing an internship you’re already on your way to being at the top of the application list. Managers look for these experiences because it lets them know that you have what it takes to be a part of the team based on your past experience. There is a very high chance that those with an internship will definitely get the job before those that don’t. So if all else fails, remember that an internship is your foot in the door and the key to getting a jump start on your future

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If you are completing an internship this semester then congratulations and if you are starting one in the following semester then good luck! Remember it’s more than just for school credit….it’s for building your resume, expanding your career options, and shaping you! Good luck!

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If you’re looking for an internship be sure to check out these sites:

Dress for Success Part 2: College “Gal” Edition

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Like most students in college, there is a chance that you will need a part time job, internship, or that big job after you graduate. For those of you that have never had a job before it may be hard to really decide how to present yourself in a professional and presentable manner. In this second blog post MyU College Threads is here to show the ladies how to dress accordingly when going to a job interview (We’ve also added some cheaper options with pictures in case you’re interested!) .

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Top –
Any top that is professional looking and not too outrageous is great for a job interview. Women have a lot more options when it comes to picking a top so that is a good thing. The standard blouse is a go to but a nice button up will also be suitable as well. The key to picking the right top is to make sure it blends with the rest of the outfit and doesn’t take the attention off of the person (YOU!). Modesty is important so keep that in mind! Be sure to not wear anything strapless or with spaghetti straps.

Metaphor Women's Button-Front Blouse

Metaphor Women’s Blouse

Pants/Skirt –
The general consensus is that pants or pant suits are the way to go for an interview. Dresses and skirts are sometimes okay but the solid choice is pants. For the pants you should go with a gray, black, navy blue, something that is neutral and darker. It’s important to match with the rest of your outfit, especially if you decide to wear a jacket over your top. If you do decide to wear a skirt, make sure it’s not a short skirt or something that fits extremely tight as that seems unprofessional to some career paths.

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Old Navy Mid-Rise Slim Fare Trousers

High heels that aren’t necessarily too high and pumps with a closed toe are perfect for a job interview. You’re going to want to avoid sneakers or any heels that are super high or “chunky”. Flats may also be a viable option but we recommend the heels look, as it looks professional for the interview.

Fioni Lively Low Heel
As with the men, a jacket is optional. It does give a nice presentable look and can also complete the outfit you are wearing but it is not necessary. If you do decide to go with the jacket option just make sure it blends in well and fits with the shirt/pants/skirt that you are wearing. You don’t want to look like a rainbow of color when you go into the interview.

H&M Ladies Fitted Jacket

Accessories are key to any woman’s wardrobe but going to an interview it’s important that you know what is acceptable and what is not. In the realm of jewelry you are going to want to avoid anything that attracts unwanted attention or noise. Leave that huge gaudy club necklace at home and settle for something sophisticated. Piercings are okay but they should only be in the ears and once again not be too distracting. Make up is a plus as long as it’s not too overdone and your nails should be manicured with a neutral color.

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Well that’s part two of the Dress for Success blog! We hope that we helped you ladies out with some of our style tips. Remember to always do some research before going into an interview to make sure that you know how the company environment is and that you are dressed appropriately for it. These aren’t words or styles to live by but simply just some suggestions! Good luck out there!