Why You NEED To VOTE This Year!

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This presidential year is huge and has garnered a lot of attention for several reasons. Both parties seem to be conflicted on most points and the candidates have both come under a lot of fire for things they have said in the past and the present. During this time, even if you don’t agree with either side, it’s important that you get out to the polls and “Rock the Vote” (sorry to be cliché).

For 18 years of your life you have sat back and not had any chance to voice your opinion or make a decision that could impact this country and possibly your life. While you may think that one vote may not have any impact in this election, you would be wrong. This may not seem to take the cake but it’s almost as important as you turning 21!

The country seems to be more divided than ever when it comes to issues and regardless what side you stand on you should make your voice be heard. This election is not only about who is going to run for President but it also gives you a chance to vote for who runs congress. It’s important that you do some research on both candidates, their stances, and how our country may be impacted by them before you make decision.

Regardless of which side you stand on just remember to get out to those polls and let your opinion be known. We’re shaping the future of America, our families, and most important our futures!