Halloween Costumes for the College Budget

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With Halloween less than two weeks away, time is running out to get your “night changing” Halloween costume. If you’re like most college students, money can get a little tight so here’s some cheaper ideas that could set you in the right direction!

1. The “Men In Black”

If you happen to have a black suit and tie then you’re in luck. All you really need to do is throw on a pair of black shades and you’re set. For an extra ounce of flavor to the costume you can add on a Nerf gun or Super Soaker to look even more unique. The best part is that this costume is gender neutral and you’ll look super classy.

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2. The “Ghostbuster”

For this costume you’ll need your back pack, the hose from a vacuum, a khaki shirt, and khaki pants. The clothing items can be easily retrieved from a local goodwill if you don’t own them yourself and are easy to throw together. You can add your own flair to the costume with accessories such as goggles, glasses, and/or gloves. Gather up some friends and make the whole team!

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3. The “Gym Rat”
This is a very good, unique costume idea that won’t take much effort at all. To become the “gym rat” you’ll only need a pair of mouse ears, a headband, a tail of some sorts (which could really be anything to get your point across), and then your own pair of workout clothes. It’s a simple and great costume idea to stand out from the rest. For an extra touch add some whiskers and nose!

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4. The “EDM DJ”
This is another simple idea that can be done using minimal items. You’ll only need a V-neck or tank top, big framed sunglasses, jeans, and a pair of headphones (think Beats style). Style your hair over the top and you have the perfect costume to look like your about to drop the next big hit at Ultra.

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5. The “Anything that you want to tell people you are”
This may be the easiest item on the list to pull off and it gives you full control of your creativity. Some people just really don’t have much money to put into buying a full costume themselves so what better way to accomplish a cool one than just putting a bunch of things together to make it work! Over this semester I’m sure you have all received random things that can be thrown together to create a unique outfit. You can either go for a direct look idea or just simply tell people you’re “whatever you want me to be”. I see it as the artistic approach to making a Halloween costume.

Do you have any cheap costume ideas to share? Let us know below!

Hope you enjoyed the list! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and a great time to get out there and have fun. Let your fashion senses fly and remember to stay safe!

Happy Halloween!

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